Top Tips When Hiring a Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a family lawyer? It could be that you want to divorce your spouse or divide marital property. The article below discusses the various considerations to make when choosing a family lawyer


There are various branches of family law. Other than divorce, you could want to adopt a child, draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, arrange child custody or review paternity arrangements. Dealing with a lawyer who focuses on your kind of case can drastically improve the chances of a positive outcome. Different states may use varying family law guidelines. As such, your choice of family lawyer must be licenced to practice in your territory. He or she should also be affiliated with professional organisations.  


The lawyer must show sufficient understanding of the matter at hand. For instance, he or she should manage your expectations from the onset. For example, if you are an abusive spouse, the judge may rule in your spouse's favour. Therefore, the primary objective of the lawyer would be to ensure the court grants you some time with your children, supervised or unsupervised. He or she should also guide you on how to conduct yourself once the proceedings commence. For instance, you should not violate court orders, attempt to transfer property or make huge purchases without consulting your spouse. 

Negotiating and People Skills

Most family law matters are settled throughout of court processes. As such, your lawyer should be an excellent negotiator and communicator. It may be challenging to examine these skills during your first meeting. However, you could seek testimonials from previous clients or conduct some internet research to determine the lawyer's success rate. You will closely work with your lawyer before finalising the matter. Therefore, avoid lawyers that do not respond to your calls and those that do not meet deadlines.


What is the lawyer's pricing strategy? Reputable and experienced lawyers may be a bit expensive. However, they will provide high-quality services. Ask the lawyer for a quote and compare it against those of other lawyers. Some lawyers may have a standard charge for small issues, such as applying for AVOs. Others will give a first free consultation regardless of whether you will hire them. 

Some lawyers and humanitarian organisations provide free legal services to vulnerable groups and the poor. They could offer free consultations, help you organise your paperwork or represent you in court and negotiation meetings. Conduct an internet search to know where to look for free legal services. 

Choosing a family lawyer could not be any easier. Examine the lawyer's area of expertise, professionalism, negotiation skills and pricing strategy. 

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