Why You Need a Traffic Offence Lawyer When Arrested of a Traffic Offence

Traffic offences such as drunk driving, hit and run, over speeding and driving without a seatbelt can put your licence at risk or land you in jail. In the extract below, you will learn a few reasons why you need a traffic offence lawyer once accused of a traffic offence.

Secure Reasonable Bail

Some traffic offences such as driving under the influence (DUI), dangerous driving or driving with a suspended licence could land you in jail. Once in jail, the arresting officer will book you in by taking your personal information, taking your fingerprints and searching your criminal record. If the officer cannot take you to court within 24 hours, you have a right to request for bail. 

A traffic offence lawyer will negotiate the terms of bail. For instance, he or she can ask the officer to release you on your own recognizance. It is an arrangement where the police release without paying bail. In return, you will sign an agreement committing to attend court sessions. Being released on your own recognizance applies to people who commit light traffic offences, have no criminal past and have strong ties to their community. Your lawyer could also ask the arresting officer to reduce the amount of bail if he or she thinks that it is too much. If you cannot raise bail, your lawyer will work to secure bond. 

If You Believe that You Are Wrongly Accused

There are various reasons why the police could wrongly accuse of a traffic offence. For example;

  • If you were not the one driving the vehicle when the crime was committed.
  • If the police made an error identifying you or your vehicle.
  • If the police falsely accuse you of driving an unregistered car.

The traffic offences lawyer will gather sufficient evidence to emancipate you of the crime. Typically, the lawyer will contact the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) and ask them to review the charge. The SDRO can either compel you to pay the penalty or cancel the fine.

Reducing Your Fine

If you are guilty of the traffic offence, your lawyer can negotiate for a lower fine. This can happen when you are a first time offender or when the crime is too small to warrant a considerable penalty. Further, the lawyer will ensure that you do not get demerit points on your licence record and that you do not lose your licence as a result of the offence.

A traffic offence lawyer should be your first call once arrested of a traffic offence. The lawyer will negotiate the terms of bail, reduce your fine, and argue out your case if you are falsely accused.  

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