Domestic Violence: When the Man Is the Victim

When most people hear about domestic violence, they immediately think of a man abusing his wife and/or children. Indeed, many circumstances of domestic violence do involve wives being assaulted by their husbands, but this doesn't mean that it can't happen the other way around. Families should also be aware that men can fall victim to domestic violence from their spouses in many different ways.

The very fact that women are less likely to be considered perpetrators of such violence has made it even harder for male victims to get the justice they deserve. Family law is designed to protect both spouses from falling victim to domestic violence. However, things can become quite complicated when divorce is filed. There are cases where men end up paying hefty alimony and child support payments because they are identified as perpetrators of violence in the home.

Types of domestic violence men could experience

Many of the forms of domestic violence that men perpetrate can also be carried out by women. However, some actions are more common than others when the circumstances are reversed. Some women may carry out the following domestic violence acts without even realising it.  

1. Weapon assault

Assault using any type of weapon from one spouse to another can be classified as domestic violence. For example, instances of wives threatening their husbands with knives, a gun or other deadly weapons occur more often than you might think.

2. Hurling of objects

During a heated argument, men may experience objects being hurled at them. Such objects may include glasses, plates and other items that could cause serious injury if they land on a sensitive part of the body.

3. Mental and psychological abuse

Mental and emotional abuse may also occur to men within marriage. Instances of blackmail and financial extorsion could exert a significant mental and emotional toll on men, and this could be a form of domestic violence.

How a family law solicitor can help

Men often have a harder time reporting and arguing their cases as domestic violence victims due to societal stereotypes. However, Australian law is clear, and any of the above instances could be grounds for domestic violence against the wife in a marriage. A family law solicitor can help you establish your case when the marriage is headed for a divorce. Wives who reverse domestic violence allegations (and make the man appear as the perpetrator) may be awarded disproportional benefits from the marriage. Having facts from the incident made clear will be critical.  

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