How To Prepare Your House For Sale

Do you plan to sell your home? It could be that you intend to relocate or move into a larger house. The extract below discusses a few ways you can prepare your house for sale. 

Renovations and Improvements

Customers have a lot of homes to choose from. So, how will you make your home stand out? Repair broken doors, leaking roofs, faulty faucets and loose sockets. A buyer that notices minor defects may conclude that you do not take care of your home. Consider cost-effective improvements to enhance the appeal of your home. For instance, you could improve your landscape, repaint the house and install a new floor.  

Get Your Documents in Order

If your house has a mortgage, the title may be in the custody of your bank. Other documents that you may need include: 

  • A permit and a certifier's report to prove that you followed the building code if you conducted significant renovations such as home extensions
  • A title report indicating property boundaries
  • A copy of the constitution or owner's corporation bylaws if the property is under a company or strata title
  • Home insurance documents


A valuation will assist you in estimating the property's actual value. Ideally, the asking price should be higher than the appraisal value. To determine the asking price, check the selling price of similar homes in your area. Your home will sell faster and at a higher price during the high season. 

Prepare for Home Visits

Clean and declutter your house in preparation for home visits. What would happen if a potential customer slipped and broke their arm while viewing the property? Check your home insurance policy to ensure it covers such perils. Further, make your home safe by eliminating all kinds of hazards. For instance, you could install a safety fence around the swimming pool.

Preferably, let the real estate agent or conveyancer deal with the customer inquiries. These professionals know what language to use to woo customers into purchasing the property. 

Hire an Experienced Conveyancer

Your conveyancer will help you determine serious customers. For instance, a person who shows interest in purchasing the property should have mortgage approval from his or her bank. The conveyancer will ensure the contract's contingencies are in your favour. For example, if the buyer needs a home contingency, he or she should have two or three weeks to sell their home. Any period longer than this would limit you from selling the property during the hot season.

If you wish to sell your home, consider renovations, get your documents in order, conduct an appraisal, prepare for home visits and work with a conveyancing service. 

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