3 Important Laws Australian Dog Owners Should Know

Owning a canine is great, but it comes with a list of responsibilities. Taking care of a pet needs the same patience and persistence you would use if it were your child. Many people want to enjoy the company of owning a pooch without having to put in the hard work. The irresponsibility of these pet owners has forced the Australian legislation to set strict regulations on dog laws.

The purpose of dog laws is to protect the pet from cruelty and the community from dangerous canines. Failing to comply with the set laws can result in fines or ban from ever owning a canine. In case you are unfamiliar with the current regulations, here are the top three rules you need to know.

1. Have Proper Dog Identification

Canines need to have an attached disc with details of the owner's name and phone number, which are renewed annually to ensure the information is up-to-date. If you want a permanent option, then consider installing a microchip under the skin, which can be installed in a vet clinic. Annual registration is necessary even with the non-removable identification.

2. Transfer of Ownership

In case the ownership of the canine has changed, the new owner should have the current certificate of registration. The new owner should also get the current tag and alert the authorities on the new ownership status. In case the canine is microchipped, then the current pet owner should update the details to the Central Animal Records. Having the data updates will help ensure there is no confusion on guardianship. It will also protect the new owner should the previous owner claim the pet.

3. Control the Barking

It is possible to control the barking of a canine by training it, as allowing the dog to bark when it feels like it will not only be a nuisance to you but also your neighbours. That might not be an issue unless several of your neighbours file a suit to the authorities. It will take two neighbours to complain and have supporting evidence for the suit to take effect. If your canine is ruled a nuisance, you will be fined. It is best to train your dog to avoid unnecessary barking.

Getting the Pet Permit

A license is vital for the canine owners who want to have more than one dog in their home. Even so, there is a limit on the number of pets you can have in your household. It is crucial to get this information from the council before getting more than one dog in your home. Contact pet law services to learn more. 

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