Important Things to Note When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer is a type of family lawyer who specialises in divorce cases. Note a few important things when hiring a divorce lawyer so that you make the right choice:

What Is the Nature of Your Divorce?

There are two things you need to identify here:

Is your divorce amicable or not?

An amicable divorce is where you and your spouse agree that a divorce is the best course of action, maybe because your marriage is not working and staying together will do more harm than good. In this case, you need a divorce lawyer to help you obtain divorce papers, fill them out and oversee the phrasing so that no problem arises in the future.

An unamicable divorce is one-sided (one spouse wants a divorce while the other does not). This is a complicated process because the spouse who wants a divorce will need to file a petition for a divorce in court and then serve his or her spouse with divorce papers. In this case, you need a divorce lawyer who handles one-sided divorces to help you file for a petition and serve your spouse with divorce papers.

What is the reason for your divorce?

This mostly applies to one-sided divorces. You, of course, want to get the most out of your divorce if you are the one who was wronged. The two most common reasons for one-sided divorces are cheating and domestic abuse. Ensure you choose a lawyer who handles divorce cases similar to your reason for divorce. Such a lawyer will have enough experience to know where to look and what information is required to help you get what you are claiming from the divorce.

Is Child Custody and Property Settlement a Problem?

These are also concerns that arise with one-sided divorces. If this may present as a problem when filing for a divorce, hire a divorce lawyer who specialises in child custody and property settlement.

In child custody cases, the court will mostly look at the best interests of the child. It will also identify who is in the best position to care for the child financially and emotionally. If the spouse who is found best to care for the child's best interest is not well-off, the other spouse is required to pay child support.

In property settlement cases, a lot of research is carried out to find out how each spouse contributed to the marital property. This not only considers financial contributions but also sacrifices, labour and emotional contribution.

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A divorce lawyer is a type of family lawyer who specialises in divorce cases. Note a few important things when hiring a divorce lawyer so that you mak

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